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An artistic project at the intersection of art, design and sociology based
on the Design Thinking methodology “Persona”.

Its purpose is a multidimensional insight into and a respond to social needs of inhabitants
of a chosen territory (be it a city, a neighbourhood or a community).

It’s frame includes conducting the project in several cities in different and vary parts of the world in order to, at the end, create a joint exposition of local/personal needs and aspirations across the globe.

Project is based on running deep interviews with citizens regarding theirs needs, desires and relations.
The second stage is analysing the answers, designing
and making a creative response to theirs deepest collective needs.
The third one is a presentation of the project’s results to the residents and the general public in a possibly inclusive way.


The deepest collective needs of people of Donostia/San Sebastian happened to be:
need of empathy, human connection, receptiveness and openness to others,
especially in the context of the Franco dictatorship and later the activities of ETA,
that divided the society and destroyed mutual trust.



The deepest collective needs of Szczepin residents turned out to be:
the strong need for a sense of a community – collaboration, openness and kindness towards each other.


As a response and illustration of those needs I have created installations:
“(Sorrow) Allusion Blind”, “Me|They” and “Szczepin Cookies” action.